Seagulls - the coastal birds with the loud voice

Seagulls feel at home on the coast and thanks to their loud calls they cannot be missed. In our picture gallery we have put together some information about the birds. "I hope you enjoyed the picture gallery! Then I have to go again!" - Image: Shutterstock / andreevarf Seagulls have a slender beak and pointed wings - Image: Shutterstock / Det-anan Their plumage is mostly white-gray colored - Image: Shutterstock / aztekphoto In some species of seagull, however, the juveniles have a brownish color - Image: Shutterstock / Kathryn Carlson Seagulls also belong to the somewhat louder bird species ... - Image: Shutterstock / Galina Gutarin ... which can often be found in large groups - Image: Shutterstock / GeneBerkenbilePhotography They live mainly on coasts - Image: Shutterstock / Eddie J. Rodriquez There they look for food and sometimes steal the prey of other birds - Image: Shutterstock / Botond Horvath They are omnivores and feed on crabs and molluscs, for example - Image: Jayne Carney

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