Why do cats like to disturb working?

Even if we enjoy the company of cats: in some cases they can be real troublemakers. For example, when you are working on your laptop or reading something. Then the fur noses are only too happy to join and spark in between. You can find out why this is the case and why our four-legged friends particularly like to disturb us when we want to work. "Pay attention to me, not the laptop," this British Shorthair seems to want to say - Shutterstock / Anna Lurye

You have just sat down at work, with the laptop in front of you - but it does not take ten seconds for your cat to jump onto the desk and look expectantly mawning at you. "I'm the center of your life, it's all about me, so give me all of your attention!" She seems to want to say. However, your work and the need for attention of your velvet paw cannot always be combined. However, there are ways in which you can also employ your room tiger in other ways so that it clears the desk again for you. But before that it is important to know the motives for cat behavior.

Cats interfere with work because they want attention

Even if cats have their own heads and like to withdraw, there are phases in which they are particularly affectionate and require full attention from their owner or owner. And then they don't want to share them with a laptop, computer, smartphone or a stack of paper and consequently interfere. If your room tiger comes purring when you want to work concentrated, you should first ask yourself a few questions. Have you actually given your darling too little attention lately? Or maybe it's also up to you: cats have a fine instinct and quickly notice when their owners are overworked, exhausted or stressed and only disturb to slow down and delight in their presence.

Ten anti-boredom tips for cats

Busy cats - rest at work

Even if you regularly play with your cat and give her tons of attention, like people, our four-legged friends also depend on how much attention and entertainment they need. The important thing is: Don't let your room tiger order you around. You can't jump and interrupt your work every time he strokes your legs with a loud meow or even besieges the desk. Instead, create other incentives and occupations in the house or apartment. For example, you can hide treats in different rooms and send your cat on a kind of treasure hunt. Or you can let a battery-operated toy take on the task of teasing your furry nose for a while.

Tips to help when cats disturb your work

Not every cat wants attention when it strolls around your desk. Some are just curious. Because the desk, on which it often flashes, clicks or taps, and which is usually delivered with many different objects, represents an exciting territory for the room tigers. Then only one thing helps: tidying up the workplace! Make sure that there are not too many utensils lying around on the desk and irritating your cat. For example, a printer that is running is often found to eat. You should therefore keep the device out of the reach of cats. Loose cables also magically attract the velvet paws and can best be combined with a cable strip or tunnel. Glasses and open bottles on the desk are also not a good idea when working with your cat in a room. Sometimes it helps to put an interesting smelling cardboard box on the floor in the same room and your cat swaps the computer keyboard for the box as a place to sleep. However, what you should check urgently afterwards: If you have opened documents in a writing program - check the spelling.