Adopt an old dog: 5 good reasons

If you want to adopt an old dog, it is not only a good deed, but you are sure to have a grateful new friend in your life. The advantages of an old dog are many. Here are five good reasons to adopt a four-legged senior. An old dog is no less great than a young dog - Shutterstock / Claudia Naerdemann

If you want to buy a dog, you might first think of a small, cute puppy. However, older dogs are no less endearing and even have advantages over young dogs. There is definitely no "better" or "no better" - everyone should know for themselves which animal partner they want to give a home.

1. You get what you see

When you adopt an old dog, you don't get a pig in a poke, but a dog that is already trained. Thanks to his experience, a senior woof is usually very firm and does not change too much, as is often the case with a puppy. Not much will change visually either, except that the old four-legged friend may get a few more gray hairs.

2. Adopt the old dog and enjoy the peace

First of all: Even if a dog is older, it does not mean that it is only lying around in the corner and dozing. Many senior dogs are very active into old age and need both physical and mental load. Nevertheless: An old dog is usually much calmer and more relaxed than a youngster. They have less bumblebees in the butt and deal with many situations more relaxed, which makes them very easy to handle. Older house wolves don't usually need as much exercise as young dogs either. Therefore, old dogs are also very suitable for human seniors, who may also be happy that they do not always have to go the really big round of walking.

3. A lot of love and gratitude

If you adopt an old dog from the shelter - possibly one who has never had an easy life - you can rely on one thing: your dog will be eternally grateful to you. A rescued dog knows that it has a lot to thank its rescuers. You will not only gain a loyal partner, but you will also receive a lot of love.

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4. An old dog doesn't have to learn much anymore

Also, if you adopt an old dog, you must give it the correct upbringing. Nevertheless: An experienced four-legged friend has already learned a lot in life and at best has already internalized the basics of dog training. Of course, like all other points here, this does not apply to every fur nose - after all, every dog ​​is different and has a very individual life story. Some are better, others are worse educated.

5. Old dogs want to learn a lot

Even old dogs can and want to learn new tricks. The fact that a four-legged friend may already have a lot in store does not mean that thirst for knowledge and drive are satisfied. From tricks and dog sports (for seniors) to taking on certain tasks, even older dogs are by no means bored.