Cat's Claw scratching paradise for Japanese cat flat share

The velvet-pawed residents of the Japanese cat flat share in the video are really lucky to live with such a lovely animal lover. For the sixth birthday of Scottish-Fold cat lady Mu, she came up with something very special: a cat claw scratching paradise made of corrugated cardboard!

Every cat's heart will beat faster! A large room, the floor completely covered with corrugated cardboard and then a scratching post in the middle - this is what a cat's claw scratching paradise looks like. The fur noses are immediately enthusiastic, whet their claws, roll comfortably on the cardboard and play with each other. In between there is a little race up and down the stairs before they again unsafe their great playroom. This is how cat life is fun!

Claw care deluxe: creative scratching furniture for cats

Whoever hears the word “scratching furniture” for cats may think of humanization first…