Weimaraner: Demanding Pointing Dog

The Weimaraner is a talented, hard-working pointer with a lot of hunting instinct. The character of the beautiful power pack is reliable, energetic, vigilant and optimally tailored to its activities as a hunting dog. Smart, sensitive and keen to work: The Weimaraner - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNika

As a hunting dog, the Weimaraner is a confident, clever dog full of stamina. He likes to work, reliably and in many situations also independently - a certain tendency to dominance is one of the reasons why he can be difficult when carelessness and upbringing are neglected.

Weimaraner: A hunting dog with body and soul

With its character and physical requirements, the Weimaraner is perfect for working as a hunting or pointing dog. With prudent owners, the beautiful light-brown athlete is a great, easy-going dog, who never loses his vigilance and his work instinct, but is a pleasant partner with his character and mediocre temperament. However, this demanding four-legged friend is not a simple dog, and could quickly overwhelm newcomers to keeping dogs.

With proper care and care, he can build a very strong relationship with his owners and even become a family dog. If you want to buy a dog of this special dog breed, you should still consider that it simply does not have the best conditions for keeping as a pure companion dog.

Balanced character through utilization

In the case of underemployment, behavioral problems quickly occur in the Weimaraner. When he's bored, he can start biting things, barking all the time, or expressing his displeasure. With its intelligent character and the urge to move, the Weimaraner needs a lot of work.

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Demanding training, learning tricks, dog training or dog sport can ensure that it is balanced if it is not kept as a hunting dog. He is also wonderful as a search dog and should show talent in appropriate training.