Foundling cat recovers from dental surgery and cuddles with a dog

The red cat in the video has the great name of Thomas O'Malley Flufferpants and came as a stray to a loving foster family. There he met the dog

Murkin and promptly made friends with the patient four-legged friend. Unfortunately, his human foster parents found that the cute cat had pretty broken teeth - and that caused Thomas a lot of pain: he didn't like to eat anything and was already emaciated. Fortunately, his foster parents raised enough money for a dental operation and Thomas quickly recovered with Murkin's help.

When you see Thomas O'Malley Flufferpants and Murkin cuddling like this, you can't imagine that the tiger cat was initially afraid of dogs. With a lot of patience and a few treats, his foster parents gradually got used to their four-legged friends. How well the first meeting worked out can be seen in the next video.

With foster cats, it is time to say goodbye - when they move into their permanent home. Thomas O'Malley has now also found a lovely family who has taken him in forever. What a nice happy ending! The video showing the cat and dog Murkin saying goodbye is a bit sad, but still:

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