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Jingle Cats: Cats meow Christmas carols

Are you tired of the same Christmas carols? How about a few animal performers performing them? The Jingle Cats are the new stars in the Christmas sky and meow familiar festive melodies. This may not be for everyone, but it is definitely worth a look, because the whole thing is also available on video - in Blu-Ray quality.

There are unusual sounds that reach our ears: the melody seems familiar to us, but somehow the voices are so different and correct words do not reach our ears. As well as? Three cute kittens meow the Christmas carol classic "Silent Night" at full throat. But the singing cats are no strangers: The jingle cats by the American producer Mike Spalla are already part of the Christmas program in the USA and here in Germany too, the talented fur noses with their cat music have been known for a few years.

The perfect Christmas dinner for cats

Whether roast goose, salmon or fondue: the festive Christmas dinner is part of the program for people ...

Whether "Silent Night", "Jingle Bells", "Let it snow" or "Rudolph the rednosed Reindeer" - there is nothing that the kittens around star meow "Cheesepuff II" cannot "sing". Packed in videos in Blu-Ray quality, the songs are dripping with kitsch. But that is also known to be part of the Christmas season. So listen and be amazed: Here come the Jingle Cats!

"Jingle Bells" shouldn't be missing from the Jingle Cats:

Or how about "Feliz Navidad" in the short cat version, with dogs as the background choir?