Holding a Carthusian cat: This is how Chartreux feels comfortable

The Carthusian cat, called Chartreux in French, is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. She is a special cat known for her intelligence. Find out how to hold a Carthusian and what is important here. The Chartreux is a special cat breed that looks classy and graceful - Shuttertsock / Michael Hahn

Where exactly the Chartreux origin is is not entirely clear. It originally comes from the mountainous regions of the Middle East and was first bred in France. So that the robust, muscular and graceful looking velvet paw feels really comfortable in your home, there are a few things you should consider.

Carthusian cat holding and dealing

Cats of the Chartreux breed feel most comfortable with cat owners who appreciate intelligent pets with their own heads and who care for and care for them appropriately. The blue-gray Frenchwoman can be brought up to a certain degree, likes games and can also follow orders and learn tricks.

Intelligence toys for the cat are usually gladly accepted by the noble beauty. You can also teach her, for example, how to retrieve - it is not for nothing that Chartreux is sometimes referred to as a "dog cat" in France. The name comes from the fact that she is such a loyal companion who often runs after her heart people. Other pets such as dogs and children are not a problem in most cases - the sociable kitty gets along well with others. However, too much noise bothers them. She is often somewhat distant from strangers.

Possible jobs for Chartreux:

• Intelligence games / intelligence toys
• Teach tricks like retrieving
• Teach commands
• Play with the cat fishing
• Generally a cat-appropriate equipment (cat tree, cat toys, etc.)

Keep Chartreux together with others

Chartreux is very happy to have one or more members of its own household. If you want to keep a Carthusian cat with other fur noses together, you should also choose a quiet cat breed as a partner. The strikingly calm and quiet Chartreux would otherwise feel disturbed in the company of a loud, lively buddy. In general, the kitty can be socialized well, not only with cats.

Buy pedigree cat: recognize dubious breeders

If you want to buy a pedigree cat, make sure that you are not dubious ...

Nice for travel enthusiasts or people who move often: A Carthusian cat usually gets used to foreign, new places quickly and well and can therefore be taken along on trips. Of course, as with humans, this also differs from cat to cat or from character to character.

Grooming a Carthusian cat: tips

In general, the Carthusian cat is easy to care for. You don't have to brush them every day because of their short hair, but only once a week. Since the cat fur of the velvet paw is very robust and resistant to bad weather, you can easily hold the Chartreux as a free-lancer. If you are concerned about letting your cat run outdoors without supervision, secure access with a cat fence around the garden is a useful option.

They are also not prone to diseases and can live up to 18 years. It is important that the Carthusians receive appropriate feed. Unfortunately, when it comes to cat nutrition, it is sometimes a little picky. Sometimes you have to try out several feed variants first to find out what your Carthusians like and what doesn't. You can find data, facts and information about the pedigree cat in the Chartreux overview.