Russian blue cat: tips on grooming and care

The Russian blue is one of the most beautiful cats in the world and simply unmistakable with its thick, shimmering blue fur. If you want to buy a velvet paw of this breed, you can bring a fairly calm cat with little maintenance into the house. But mostly you see the Russian blue cat more like this - Image: Shutterstock / Nailia Schwarz

The Russian blue is a special cat, which is also evident in its nature. Sometimes she is reserved and almost unapproachable, sometimes spirited. It is not pushy at all and does not think much of strangers. Those who have won their hearts usually experience them as friendly, kind and affectionate.

Attitude of the Russian blue: This is how she feels good

The calm Russian blue cat is the ideal indoor cat. If she is warm, cozy and cozy, she is happy. One or the other scratching post for climbing, beautiful viewpoints at the window or on the balcony and regular play units should provide enough variety.

She also likes being close to people and loves being pampered with lots of cuddle units. She doesn't like being alone and like most cats, you don't do her a favor by keeping her alone. However, she is quite adaptable and usually gets along well with children and other pets - as long as they do not conflict with their need for rest and security. Russian blue (like most cats) doesn't like sudden, loud noises; they themselves are also rather quiet and have a rather quiet voice.

Noble and incredibly beautiful: pictures of the Russian blue cat

Caring for the beautiful cat with the bluish fur

The hair coat of the fascinating cat from Russia is soft, short and particularly dense, because the undercoat and top coat are of the same length. Brushing it once a week with a medium-soft brush or a massage glove is enough. This care unit does its good and removes dead fur so that new ones can grow back.

A Russian blue that lives in the apartment is usually vaccinated against cat disease and cat sniffing by the vet and is examined regularly. Relatives are usually vaccinated against cat leukemia, rabies and other dangerous cat diseases. However, granting your Russian Blue unsecured clearance is very risky; it is better to have secure access in a beautiful enclosure or in the garden with a safe cat fence. The Russian Blue Cat is not burdened by hereditary diseases.

Russian blue cat deal

Russian blue cats like to cuddle with their favorite people and with their animal friends. They also enjoy looking out the window and watching the world outside. Despite their calm nature, they also love to play. Spending hours playing with their human family strengthens the bond and is great fun for everyone involved. You can switch back and forth between different games and toys so that it doesn't get boring. Hunting games are just as popular as intelligence tasks, game fishing is just as popular as stuffed mice or toys filled with catnip or valerian.

Of course, a simple box also serves its purpose, as can be seen in the video: