Cat Lazarus is very happy about the new cat tree

Cat Lazarus is really a happy cat! When he was a baby, he was found half frozen to death in a pile of snow, just on Thanksgiving, one of the most important American holidays. The American Brandon Bingham and his family saved the sweet drops and gave them a loving home. In the video, Lazarus is given a scratching post - and thinks it's great!

"Oooh, what's that? Is that for me?", Appears to think Kater Lazarus when his favorite person comes into the living room with a brand new scratching post. As soon as he is in his place, Lazarus explores his climbing tree extensively, plays with the stuffed mouse and the pompoms attached to it, stalks up and trains his climbing skills. Just too nice to watch the sugar-sweet fur grin how much fun he has with his cat tree!

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