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Katerchen Skidmark likes to bite in everywhere

Katerchen Skidmark in the video looks cute and innocent, but he's quite a cheeky badger. Nothing is safe from the teeth of the red tabby young cat, everything is nibbled on with dedication. But if you watch the sniffy Fratz how much fun he has, you can't be angry with him.

"Take that, pillow!", Katerchen Skidmark seems to think as he bites heartily in the soft seat pad and processes it with his hind paws. The neck strap from the camera of his favorite people is also not safe from him. Just too funny, this minimiez!

Skidmark fell out of a car as a kitten in the middle of a main street and was luckily saved. You can read his prehistory under "Motorcyclist saves kittens from the crossroads". How nice that he can now lead such a great cat life with his rescuers!

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