Feeding puppies properly: what the young dog needs

Appropriate nutrition is particularly important so that small puppies can develop well. How to properly feed your little four-legged friend and send him everything he needs. Puppies must be properly fed for healthy development - Shutterstock / WilleeCole

Of course, the beloved four-legged friend always needs healthy and wholesome food. But puppies in particular are dependent on important nutrients and vitamins for proper growth and good development. With the right nutrition, you lay the foundation stone in this phase of your little dog's life that it becomes a lively, strong and healthy companion.

Get your puppy used to solid food

If a puppy does not get enough breast milk through the teat of the dog mom, the little rascal has to get used to solid food. At best, you start feeding small amounts from the fifth week of life. In specialized trade there is special build-up feed for this transition phase, which usually guarantees optimal care for the little one. First, offer it as a porridge mixed with lukewarm water. It should be four to five servings at the beginning, until you slowly reduce the number after a while and increase the servings yourself. For comparison: An adult four-legged friend only receives up to two meals a day.

If your new family member comes directly from a breeder, he is usually already used to solid food. Of course, this makes it easier for you. You can ask your breeder directly what he fed the little tramp with and continue this diet.

Get the puppies used to the dog crate

If you want to get a puppy used to the dog crate, it's not that difficult. Important…

The right puppy food for the young dog

Basically, it is commendable if you want to cook your four-legged friend yourself. As long as he is still a puppy, you run the risk of not guaranteeing him all the necessary nutrients through food. Feel free to use special types of feed for puppies from specialist shops. Because these may only be labeled as such if they do justice to the young animals. If you want to be absolutely sure, pay attention to the composition of the feed when buying. The diet must contain enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals such as calcium and vitamins. The ratio of the individual components should also be correct. Also check the feed for added cereals. These are not good for the digestion of the little rascals and should be contained in the feed to a very small extent or better not.

Also keep in mind that the high-energy puppy food contains many minerals and growth-promoting nutrients. If you have chosen a large breed of dog, do not feed it too long and make sure that the portions are not too large. Otherwise, these dogs grow very quickly, which can later lead to health problems, for example hip dysplasia.