How 7 stray kittens became cute cuddly pussies

Seven in one fell swoop that melt every heart - on the site of a fish factory, these seven stray kittens were found and saved. The video shows the lively little ones fighting, playing and cuddling!

In Canada, a total of twenty baby kittens and three cat mothers were found and rescued on the site of a fish factory. All of them were of different ages and had different health conditions. The older kittens and mums had to be caught. The younger ones, on the other hand, only needed to be lured to the fence and were drawn out. And they are: the "seven adorable kittens". They were only five weeks old when they were saved. Her foster family presents the sweet sniffing noses Blackberrie, Dandelion, Campion, Laurel, Acorn, Strawberry and Speedwell in the video. There is a lot of cuddling and playing! In the meantime, most of the minimiezis have been taught - and even in pairs. How nice that some of them can stay together.

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