Hangover Marmalade is a sun worshiper

A carpet and sunbeams, tom cat Marmalade doesn't need more in the video to really feel good. The range of motion remains manageable, heat and light are such energy savers! When people intervene to pamper you - wonderful!

"Yeah, what's that: My favorite carpet and cookies not only free, but also kissed by the sun? Nothing like getting into the warming beam ... uiii, it feels good." Even walking in the sun does not detract from bliss: rolling on your back in the warming light, lying down, leg and paws casually over your face - this is what carpet holidays look like at their best. After a mini-round of cat washing, take a nap. "What do I feel there? One turns the sun shower even further and pushes a petting unit afterwards? Just don't stop!"

Can cats get sunburned?

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