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Saint Burma and her character

The Holy Burmese cat enchants not only with its appearance, but also with its great character. She is meek, social and very human-related, so living with her is a real pleasure. Holy Burma is a playful, friendly cat - Image: Shutterstock / Borkin Vadim

With its character, the Burma is something for people who like to be surrounded by cats. She prefers to be always there and runs after her owner like a dog. In addition, the beautiful cat with the soft fur is a real treasure.

Loving and child-friendly: Holy Burma

The Holy Burma is not one of the cat breeds that often extends its claws - that's why its owners should always take good care of their meek little tiger, because it tends not to defend itself, even if it is treated too roughly. The Holy Burma is an absolute child friend and loves to play and cuddle and often with them. If it becomes too much for her, she will always withdraw rather than get angry, which is why she gets along very well with small children.

The beautiful Burma is also usually very trusting towards strangers. On the one hand, this is nice when you get visitors and your kitty is not hiding under the couch. On the other hand, it is also dangerous if you let your fur nose outside and it could be taken there by cat thieves or other people with malicious intentions. The Holy Burma is therefore best kept as a house cat - of course with sufficient scratching posts, clean litter box, climbing opportunities and toys. On a well-secured balcony, a beautiful enclosure or cat fence in the garden, you can offer your velvet paw secure access.

Burmese cat: the saint among the house tigers

Happiest in a double pack

Only one thing does Holy Burma not like at all: being alone. Even if you are at home a lot, you should definitely treat her to a companion who is as lovable and cuddly as she is. Beyond its very social character, the gentle Burma is considered attentive and curious. She loves to play and is happy if her owner regularly spends time with her. For example, like most cats, she is a big fan of hunting games with game fishing.

Check out how fun the Holy Burmese are playing in the video: