Cat Birthday: Happy Birthday, Cupcake and Roodi!

The two cute cats Roodi and Cupcake are siblings and celebrate their second birthday in the video. They live with the cats Thunder, Monkey and Kami in a purring fur nose household in Canada and have a lot of fun there!

Together with her mom Nornie and her other siblings, Lucky Cat Cupcake and the black and white cat Roodi were taken care of by Doug and Sharon. The two cat friends regularly look after abandoned cat mothers and / or their kittens in cooperation with the VOKRA cat protection association.

They lovingly pep them up, play with them and shower them with a lot of love until the puffy snuffles are old enough to come to a new home. And sometimes they keep some of the cats with them, as do the two birthday furs. Celebrate beautifully, sweeties!

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