Kittens Momo and tomcat Osamu: best cuddling friends

The little lucky kitten in the video is called Momo and moved into a Japanese cat flat share with 10 fur noses a few weeks ago. After a period of getting used to and getting to know the other kitty gently, Momo has now settled in really well and has also been looking for a favorite buddy: Tom Osamu. As a little adoptive sister, Momo loved him and took him under his fluffy wing.

Lucky kitten Momo was a stray before the favorite person of the Japanese cat flat share took her in. Until then, hangover Osamu was the group's nestling - apparently he is happy to have a younger protégé whom he can cuddle and play with. Momo feels really comfortable and loves to cuddle or play catch with her big cuddly friend. The two have searched and found each other!

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