Zooanthroponosis: When dogs transmit diseases to humans

Zoonosis means the transmission of diseases from person to animal and from animal to person. Zooanthroponosis is about diseases that can only be transmitted from animals to humans. Here you will find a selection of diseases with which dogs can infect their owners. There is always a low risk of zoo anthroponosis - you should never give up tenderness with your dog - Shutterstock / FCSCAFEINE

In the context of zoonosis and thus also zoo anthroponosis, it can be diseases that are triggered by bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites. The risk of getting your dog infected is rather low in relation to most diseases if you maintain a certain level of hygiene.

Fox tapeworm and dog tapeworm from dog to person

As the name suggests, the fox tapeworm occurs primarily in the fox, but in exceptional cases can also affect dogs. In extremely rare cases, the fox tapeworm or its eggs get from the dog to humans. However, since most bipeds are resistant to the worms, nothing usually happens. However, if an infection does occur, the worm does great damage to the human body. The larvae spread to various organs and can trigger the highly dangerous and reportable parasite disease alveolar echinococcosis, the incubation time of which can be up to 15 years. But don't panic - the disease is extremely rare in Europe.

In addition to the fox tapeworm, the rare dog tapeworm can also pass from dog to human as part of zoo anthroponosis. While tapeworm usually does little harm to dogs, it can be dangerous for humans and lead to cystic echinococcosis, in which worm larvae settle in the organs and attack them.

Leptospirosis: bacterial infection from dog to person

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infectious disease that can infect people through contact with a dog's blood or urine. While dogs have to deal with symptoms such as fever, vomiting, loss of appetite and bloody stools as part of the disease, leptospirosis in humans is often similar to that of flu, which can be treated with antibiotics. By the way, for dogs there is the possibility of vaccination against leptospirosis.

Rabies: extremely fatal disease

Zooanthroponosis can theoretically infect dogs with rabies. The virus infection is extremely dangerous and in most cases is fatal. Rabies is transmitted via bite marks, such as a dog's bite. Fortunately, rabies in Germany and most other European countries was almost eradicated. The rabies vaccination also protects dogs from infection for safety reasons.

Ticks in dogs as carriers of diseases

Ticks in dogs are not only uncomfortable and annoying, they can also cause various diseases ...

Scabies: mite infection can affect humans

The scabies, also called mange, denotes a mite infection that must be included in the zoo anthroponosis list. Scabies is highly contagious because the mites migrate from host to host and can therefore also pass from dog to human. Zooanthroponosis occurs through skin contact. If people live in good hygienic conditions, symptoms usually do not occur, since the number of mites is kept at a low level. However, if there is a tangible infection, this triggers a variety of symptoms, which can usually be treated very well.

Don't panic about zoonosis and zoo anthroponosis

Nobody should develop fear of animals because of zoonosis and zoo anthroponosis. Infections with diseases from person to person are much more common. The likelihood that dogs will infect people with dangerous diseases is extremely low. Fatal diseases such as rabies have been virtually eradicated in Germany and most neighboring countries. Nevertheless, as a responsible dog owner, you should make sure that you maintain a certain level of cleanliness and care when handling and keeping pets.