Traveling with a dog: 6 beautiful holiday regions in Germany

What could be nicer than going on vacation with your animal partner? Traveling with a dog does not even have to involve long journeys, because there are several beautiful and above all dog-friendly holiday regions in Germany. Here you will find six great holiday destinations from the Black Forest to the North Sea coast. Dogs love long, new ways to discover on vacation - for example in the Black Forest - Shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala

If you are traveling with your dog, you should be looking for one thing above all: nature. The travel destination best meets both your requirements for a great holiday region and the physical requirements of your dog. While you can do dog trekking with a fit, sporty dog ​​and go on a long hike, you should choose a less stressful holiday destination for a sick or old dog.

1. Black Forest with dog: pure nature!

The Black Forest is a real paradise for dogs. Spectacular natural landscapes, beautiful hiking trails and a lot to discover. The Black Forest is also an excellent holiday destination for mistresses and masters, as the region is very well developed for tourism and there are many accommodations where dogs are welcome guests. Tip: Visit sights such as the Triberg Waterfalls or the Wutach Gorge with your dog.

2. North Sea with dog: water, beach and fun

Dogs are becoming increasingly important for tourism on the North Sea, which is recognized by the landlords and the municipalities. There are many excellent accommodations on the North Sea coast and above all dog beaches where your four-legged friend can play, romp and swim. But not only the beaches promise a lot of fun for dogs and people, but also the great hiking and biking trails in the region, for example in East Frisia. In the guide "The most beautiful dog beaches on the North Sea" you can learn more about the topic.

3. Baltic Sea with dog: bathing fun for four-legged friends

The Baltic Sea offers countless bathing spots and generally numerous offers for the perfect vacation with your dog. Long walks on the beach and, compared to the North Sea, calm water with mostly beautiful, flat inlet make the sea experience with your four-legged friend a relaxing experience. Visit the islands of Rügen and Usedom, where dogs are usually very welcome. In most cultural and leisure facilities, dogs are no obstacle to entry.

4. Harz with dog: dog-friendly mountains

The Harz has now become a paradise for dogs, as there are many accommodations for two and four-legged friends. Hiking in the Harz foothills and in the Harz itself is a wonderful experience and sustainably strengthens the friendship between humans and dogs. The enchanting mountain landscape with all its forests, gorges and cliffs offers a unique experience of nature that needs to be explored together with the Fellnase.

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5. Mecklenburg Lake District with dog: water lovers ahead!

There are also many beautiful and dog-friendly regions in the east of the republic, especially the Mecklenburg Lake District. The largest contiguous lake area in Germany convinces with its thousands of lakes, especially water-loving dogs. Swimming, bathing, splashing and simply being a dog is the program here. Tip: Visit the Müritz National Park with its old beech forests, which have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6. Westerwald with dog: Cozy and relaxed

If you are not looking for a sporty challenge, you may find a suitable holiday destination with your dog in the Westerwald. The beautiful forest and mountain landscape captivates with gentle slopes and beautiful river valleys that will not overwhelm your dog. Tip: Visit the many castles, fortresses on the Lahn and Rhine - maybe your dog will also appreciate the historical sites.