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That's why the internet loves cat videos so much

Nothing on the Internet concerns us as much as cat videos. Cute, funny, silly, clever, crazy - private videos of cats have been a hit all over the world for years and have long since replaced dog videos. Cat stars conquer portals like YouTube and reap millions of clicks, likes and comments. Is it good or bad and what does it say about us? Cats and the Internet - that just fits together perfectly - Shutterstock / ben44

Famous cats like Grumpy Cat, Maru or Cole and Marmalade are now more popular than many human YouTube stars - sometimes the velvet paws give their proud owners horrendous income from advertising and Co. There are many reasons why cat videos are booming worldwide - here a few theories.

Cat videos are balm for the soul

It's as simple as it is obvious: cat videos are so successful because they give people an interesting break. Nobody thinks about problems, stress and everyday efforts when he or she sees a couple of cats doing funny or cute things. Those who come home from work in the evening, perhaps still annoyed by the rush hour traffic, can relax immediately at the sight of cute kittens. So are cat videos a modern form of relaxation? Almost everyday escape and distraction in the form of whiskers? Yes, that's certainly the case for many fans of the velvet paw videos. And that's perfectly fine - it is nice and harmonious in most cat videos and it is a successful change from everyday life, where niceness and harmony sometimes fall by the wayside.

According to studies, cat videos are also said to promote concentration. As a short break from work, for example, you can make the audience feel more refreshed afterwards. You can find out more about the study and the happiness that the funny videos bring in the article: "Study proves: Cat videos make you happy".

Feeling of belonging and exchange

There are other possible reasons for the success of cat videos, such as the desire to belong together. The funny and cute internet cats get people talking to each other. Whether via shared Facebook links or YouTube comments - the community laughs, cries, scares, fascinates and is happy about what they have seen. The exchange about the "common cause" brings together.

Cat videos on the Internet make you addicted

Funny and cute cat videos are a hit on the Internet - the well-known saying "Dieā€¦

Cat video festivals are on the rise

In many countries around the world there are now special cat video festivals where fans come together and, for example, advise about the weirdest, best and coolest cat videos. In February 2016, several hundred fans visited the first German cat video festival in Düsseldorf. A jury of media and cat experts awarded the best video with the "Golden Kitty Award", a golden cat tree. Thomas Baitinger won with his short film "Mouse Boxes Cat":

The "Internet Cat Video Festival" was modeled on the Walker Art Center in Minnesota, USA, where year after year thousands of cat fans burst out laughing or enjoying the clumsy attempts of young cats to walk. Here you will find a ZDF report on the 2016 cat video festival from the magazine "Volle Kanne":