Little cow pattern kitten is fighting against his reflection

Cats and their reflections are simply a feast for the laughing muscles again and again. The cute cow pattern kitten in the video also discovers his "twin" in the mirror. Gradually a real fight of the "two cats" flared up. Too delicious!

"But it also imitates everything," the kitten thinks about the cat in the mirror. Hilarious how she waves the cat paws and jumps against the mirror again and again. But don't be afraid, there are no injuries or really bad blood. It's just irritating for the velvet paw. But is also mean, such a mirror. In the end, the Stubentiger strays away and, unsurprisingly, immediately has his peace in front of the annoying and interesting mirror cat.

Self image: can cats recognize themselves in the mirror?

Scientists have always been concerned with what animals recognize when they look in the mirror ...