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Shiba Inu: nature and behavior of the cute Japanese

The Shiba Inu, like the Kishu, the Kai or Shikoku, is a typical Japanese dog breed. The essence of the Shiba Inu is spirited, confident and lively, which is why it is not suitable for all dog owners. You can find out more about the nature and behavior of the great four-legged friend here. A strong personality, a strong dog: The Shiba Inu from Japan, a natural monument by its name - Shutterstock / Grisha Bruev

The Shiba was named a Japanese natural monument in 1937. No wonder the pretty Asian is one of the most popular dog breeds in Japan alongside the Akita Inu. In Germany, the rather small dog with a strong and well-proportioned body is not yet so strongly represented.

Nature of Shiba Inu: Brave, lively and confident

The nature of Shiba Inu is very special. He is a very confident and spirited dog with a strong will and a strong personality. The boundaries between independent and stubborn can blur easily, which can sometimes overwhelm some dog owners who are not consistent enough in their upbringing. The right upbringing for the Shiba is a consistently loving one - with toughness you usually don't get very far with the occasionally rebellious four-legged friend. The Shiba also learns quickly and is very playful - so it can cut a good figure as a family dog.

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Behavior: Shiba must be challenged physically and mentally

The Shiba can have a dominant character. He doesn't think much of blind obedience, but prefers to rely on his strong instincts and likes to go his own way. This does not mean that he is not clingy. On the contrary: The Japanese loves his heart people more than anything and always shows good watchdog qualities. He wants to play a lot and often and discover new things, which is why you should challenge him every day. Both physical and mental employment are also a must due to his pronounced hunting instinct and curiosity.

The Shiba Inu usually shows great motivation to work, so you can make him happy by giving him tasks and playing dog games with him that are best for body and mind. The Shiba is a real bundle of energy in dog games and in solving tasks. Depending on the character, most fur noses are keen on agility, search games, nose work and are happy about intelligence toys and learning dog tricks. If a Shiba is properly raised, it is a very balanced and calm dog, especially at home. This video shows how lively a Shiba can be: