Keeping rats busy: Tips for animal fun

Do you have rats as pets? Then you should employ the clever rodents appropriately, and in a varied manner. The clever fur noses are among the smartest pets around and generally love learning, discovering and playing exuberantly. If your rats like it: pats are also very important for the rodents - Shutterstock / George Dolgikh

Rats will not be happy if you only walk and eat through the rat cage day in, day out. The long tails want to be challenged - play, fun and attention are a must for the clever animals. The ways in which you can keep your rodents busy do not have to be particularly complex - often a lot can be made from little.

Cardboard boxes and other play equipment

Rats enjoy simple things like cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, shoe boxes, etc. for self-employment. The animals love to put their noses in objects and slip through narrow passages. Tip: You can easily make a labyrinth out of toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes, in which your little sly eggs can then search for food, for example. Very simple: just put a used bag of bread in the enclosure. Soon the animals will pounce, crawl in and look for a few remaining crumbs in it. In general, all types of caves are among the favorite places for rodents.

Rats deal with food games

Speaking of feed. You can also put this in feed balls from specialist pet shops and let your rodents play with it. In general, you can create variable feed situations that keep your rats busy. For example, spear fruit and fruits on branches and put them in the rat enclosure or hang food on ropes in them. Rats also have a lot of fun looking for their food. Hide treats, for example, in toilet paper rolls or other objects. Feeding hiding places are particularly exciting, to which the rodents first have to find their way, for example by crossing obstacles or nibbling through paper. In the pet shop you will certainly find great products that are specially designed for food games.

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Clever: rat training and tricks

You can do many sports with rats. Agility training, for example, is a job opportunity that rodents like to accept. Simply build a course out of wood, cardboard or other materials and lure your rats over the obstacles with treats. Rat Dancing, similar to Dog Dancing, is a sport that rats can learn: you can lead the animals through your legs or let them turn around on their own axis. Important: Do not force your rats to do such things - if the animals don't enjoy it, they shouldn't have to do it. By the way: Clicker training can also be implemented well with the clever rats.

In this video you can see how rats enjoy a combination of clicker training and agility:

The cute rascals show in this film what great tricks rats can learn: