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Adorable black horse is probably the most beautiful horse in the world

The horse in this video is called Frederik the Great and is a real beauty. With its graceful physique and beautiful, ebony-black mane, the black horse is really a magnificent appearance. Its owners definitely see Frederik the Great as the most beautiful horse in the world - and are certainly not the only ones with this opinion.

The black Friesian has already won several prizes, for example in dressage. No wonder, Frederik comes with an incomparable mixture of elegance, strength and charisma. In the video you can see some photos as well as moving pictures, on which the grace of the black horse comes across well. In a comment below the video, it is even said that Frederik the Great could also act as "King of the Horses" in a "Lord of the Rings" film, he looks so impressive. Here is another video with great pictures of Frederik and his trainer Stacey Morrison:

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