Ragdoll tomcat Timo gives motivation tips for the working week

Uh, Monday again! The weekend was far too short and a busy week is ahead? Then Ragdoll tomcat Timo Rat knows: In the video, the cozy fluffy cat gives a few tips on how to motivate yourself wonderfully for the working week. The first tip: take time for breakfast and lunch.

You should also leave the house early enough so that you don't have to run away, says Timo. As an example, the relaxed Ragdoll hangover casually drives through the picture on a roller board. You should also set priorities and start with the most important. In Timo's case, that means taking a nap. As a manager, you should always keep the right perspective. Furthermore, a little movement can't hurt, says the fluffy fluffy hangover. You have to be able to say "no" sometimes, Timo judges, and it's best to take regular breaks. You should plan your time wisely so that there is enough time to relax. Do not give up, the sniffy fur nose advises at the end, after all it will be the weekend again soon.

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