Why do many cats love shoes so much?

Cats delight their favorite people with the strangest and cutest habits every day. Shoes often play an important role, because most fur noses love to take a nap in or on shoes. Some house tigers also find it wonderful to nibble on shoes and sniff extensively. But why are our salon lions doing this? This fluffy cat thinks: "It's fun to scrub on shoes!" - Shutterstock / SaNa

Do you also have cats at home who seem to love shoes more than anything? Many velvet paws obviously can't get enough of sniffing our footwear, gnashing and rubbing their heads on it. Sometimes cats make themselves comfortable on shoes for a nap. Experts suspect that this may have something to do with smells.

Do cats love the smell of your shoes?

When you come home from work, you bring many exciting new smells with you. It may be that cats love sniffing your shoes because they find the many different scent notes exciting and can "read" entire adventure stories from them. Another option is for your feet and shoes to smell particularly strongly of sweat after you've walked with them all day. People find the smell of sweaty feet unpleasant, but the scents in sweat have a similar effect on cats as catnip. In addition, your shoes, socks and feet smell familiar to your cat and this gives them a feeling of security. At least that would explain why the otherwise odor-sensitive fur noses can sleep so relaxed and peacefully on shoes. How cute that can look can be seen in the video of baby cat Pwaffles:

Cute cats show off their favorite shoes

Do cats want to mark their territory?

Another theory contradicts the first a little. It says that cats like to occupy shoes because they bring a lot of strange smells from outside and the house tigers endeavor to mark the shoes with their own fragrance again. Cats have scent glands on the side of their heads and when they distribute head stubs or rub their heads against objects, they spread their own scent on them. In doing so, they mark the objects as their "property". However, this can also be seen as a sign that cats love their favorite people. After all, it means that your cat will consider you a family member if it marks you as "property". And your shoes also belong to the kitty when you are at home.