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Cat drinks from the toilet: what to do?

Your cat is drinking from the toilet? Then your fur nose is not alone with this curious preference. Many house tigers prefer the water from the toilet bowl to the water from their drinking bowl. But why is that and what can be done about it? Oops! This thirsty cat was caught red-handed - Shutterstock / Olivia Lorot

First of all, you should find out why your cat likes to drink from the toilet. She may not particularly like the water from her bowl or she may be bored. If you know why your fur nose is doing well on the water from the toilet bowl, you can take action against it. Because toilet water is not healthy.

Cat drinks from the toilet: why?

The water in the cat's drinking bowl may seem fresh to us humans if we only filled it in a few hours ago. But after a few hours the subtle fur noses no longer taste the water and they find it stale and stale. In fact, germs can form in the stagnant water, especially when the bowl is in the sun, after a relatively short time. The water from the toilet, on the other hand, is regularly flushed out and renewed, so that your cat feels fresher and tastier than that from its bowl.

Another possibility: Your cat drinks from the toilet because it is boring. Maybe she's seen the water swirl merrily when the conditioner is pulled, and that sparked her curiosity. In search of employment, she then looks in the toilet bowl to see what is going on. And when she's there, she can take a sip of water.

Buy drinking fountains for your cat

If you feel that your house tiger is drinking too little, you should consider ...

Is the toilet water harmful to cats?

The water itself is only harmful to cats if it contains chemicals from monastery stones, cleaning agents and the like. But there are all sorts of germs, bacteria and pathogens in the toilet bowl, which can indeed be hazardous to your cat's health. It is therefore advisable to stop your cat from drinking from the toilet bowl in order not to take any risks.

Young or handicapped kittens may also have difficulty keeping their balance while drinking from the toilet. They could slip and fall face down into the water. If you panic, you may drown. This is another reason that your cat is better off not drinking from the toilet.

Offer alternatives: The cat no longer drinks from the toilet

As an immediate measure, you can always keep the toilet lid closed in the future. However, this does not change the causes, and your cat still lacks fresh water or employment. So offer her enough alternatives so that she doesn't miss drinking toilet water. Change the water in your water bowl - especially in summer - about every two to three hours and make sure that the drinking bowl is not too close to the bowl. Cats are reluctant to drink where they eat.

Try out if your cat drinks more water if you distribute several bowls in the apartment. A drinking fountain may please your velvet paw better than a bowl, because the water moves and flows there so that it is always fresh. Against boredom, more hours of playing with your favorite person, a great scratching post and toys and possibly a companion help.