Why do cats hate water?

It's the question that many cat owners ask: Why do cats hate water? But are all cats really afraid of water? You can find out here! It's enough to drink, but no more please! Cats don't like water on their fur at all - Shutterstock / Rita Kochmarjova

Water gun and spray bottle are used as punishment by some cat owners if the velvet paws have done something. Many house tigers shrink from water and do not want their fur to come into contact with the cool water - just a drop on the paw can cause massive discomfort. But why is that? What do our salon lions have against water?

Cats protect their fur from water

It is the cat fur that the velvet paws want to protect from the water. The fur and the grooming play a big role for every cat. You therefore clean it several times a day and make sure that it is neat and that everything is in place. Water changes the fur of cats and a kitty doesn't like it when she loses control of her hair. The sensitive structure of the fur reacts to water with sticking and becomes heavy - this has disadvantages in the wild, for example when fighting with rivals or when balancing on obstacles. In addition, the cat fur is quite thick compared to some other animal skins and therefore remains moist for a long time, which is uncomfortable.

Cat loses its scent through water

Every cat is a real cleaning fanatic - and not without reason. Cats brush or lick their fur almost frenetically, which is also related to their pheromone glands. These are located on the tail and mouth, among other things, and emit unique, to a certain extent personalized scents with which cats can communicate and recognize each other. When a cat is dressing up, it spreads the pheromones with its cat tongue on its body. Water could wash them off again and the kitty would lose its specific scent, which it does not suit at all.

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Not all cats hate water

So it is true that most domestic cats hate water. But not all feline cats share this opinion. Wild cats and some big cats like tigers love to bathe and swim in the cool water. However, there are always specimens among our domestic cats that really like water, as the pretty Turkish Van shows in the video: