How dogs wrap their people around the paw: 4 "tricks"

We humans actually know that dogs should be raised consistently. It's best not to get used to begging, jumping on, or hogging the bed or sofa for a nap without permission. But ... Sometimes you just can't resist these cute four-legged friends. How do you do that? "But I like the steak!": A cute dog would like a piece of the delicious fillet of beef - Shutterstock / Fotyma

Dogs usually try to get as many amenities as possible with as little effort as possible. Our four-legged friends are unfortunately very selfish, but they don't mean it badly. They just don't see that they should forego something comfortable or great for them, for no good reason. It is not always easy for people to knock off their sugar-sweet Schnuffelschnute - and so the intelligent animals can learn with which looks and gestures they can best wrap their two-legged friends around the paw.

1. "Do I get something?": When dogs beg

As a small puppy and clumsy young dog, Bello and Co. have an easy time getting treats from their humans. However, if you allow yourself to be softened and even share your food with woof now and then, you shouldn't be surprised if the dog begs. Then this adorable four-legged friend sits patiently next to the table, maybe wags his tail, looks "sad" and whines very quietly and heartbreakingly because he has learned that his favorite person cannot say "no" in this case and does not give anything. Ideally, you shouldn't get used to this behavior of your Knuffel in the first place, but luckily it can be trained with patience and consistency. Unfortunately, that means you have to be strong and not be tempted to make an exception.

2. "Go! Notice me!": Dog jumps at people

Originally, in nature, jumping on is a typical puppy behavior. They lick the muzzle of their adult counterparts when they come back from hunting so that they choke up food for them. Young dogs therefore often try to reach the "snout" of their confidant and jump up on them because the human face is higher than a snout. If they are rewarded for this - for example in the form of pats or attention - they can maintain this behavior and always use it if they want their people to pay attention to them. Even if it is difficult, because it is actually cute: teach your four-legged friend as early as possible that he must not jump on anyone.

These puppies have perfected the "dog look"

3. "I can do that, I'm cute!": Nudge and lay on my head

This point often makes it particularly difficult for people to knock off their fur faces. It's so cute when dogs poke you with your paw or nose, put your head on your lap and look cute. The paw pounding can be traced back to the milk kick of small puppies - with the paws, baby babies massage the teats of their dog mum while suckling, so that more milk comes out. Later, with a similar gesture, they try to get treats from the people of their hearts. This behavior can also become independent and develop into an undesirable habit if the begging is successful. If you want your cold nose to leave this behavior entirely, it's best to ignore it. If you just want to stop begging for food, you can reward him with gentle pats.

4. "Oooh! Look how cute!": Dog eyes melt human hearts

The dog look ensures that people release more of the "cuddly hormone" oxytocin. Most dog lovers find it hard not to let it soften. Dogs love to be noticed, petted and fed and like to make themselves comfortable. If you notice that your cute dog look is helping you, you can learn to do what you want. It is therefore important that you implement and follow certain rules clearly and consistently, so as not to confuse your cuddling cheek. If, for example, your four-legged friend is not allowed on the couch with muddy paws, he is generally not allowed on the sofa - no matter how cute he looks. If he is not supposed to start someone else, he mustn't start anyone, and so on.