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When cats miss their people: 5 tips

Although cats are said to have a high degree of independence, fur noses may miss their humans. Depending on the cat personality, the house tigers are more or less affectionate and people-related, but even very stubborn cats should not remain alone for too long. These tips will help you and your pet when you have to go. With an animal friend by their side, cats don't miss their favorite person so much - Shutterstock / Easy Morning

Cats in particular need employment during your absence so that they don't miss you. But even free-time people can suffer if they don't see their people for a long time. How to make it easier for your kitty to stay at home alone:

1. Keep calm and avoid stress

Avoid hustle and bustle before leaving the house. Otherwise, your cat senses that something is different than usual and can be infected by your nervous mood. It is best to behave normally, as always, and in this way convey to your sensitive fur pout that everything is in order and there is no cause for concern. If you exude security yourself, it will calm your kitty and she will miss you less when you are away.

2. Maintain a routine for cats

The maintenance of the routine applies above all to a longer absence on vacation or during a weekend trip. If you drive to work during the day and your cats stay alone during this time, this is usually not a problem. At least if your velvet paw is not bored and is used to spending the day without its people, there is no need to worry. If you drive away for longer than 24 hours, it is advisable to maintain the routine anyway. The puschel noses are creatures of habit and usually find changes uncomfortable to scary.

Your absence is less of a burden on the salon lions when your familiar smell is still around them. Cats do not miss their people so much when they are allowed to cuddle up on the bed or a scarf, an old sweater or similar is in their crib. In addition, meal times and other fixed "appointments" should be kept as much as possible.

3. Fur noses that miss their people: engage cat sitters?

The routine is easier to maintain during a longer vacation if a cat sitter looks after your fur noses. Ideally, the cat sitter already knows your animal roommates and is not limited to just putting their food in front of them. A good cat sitter plays and deals with the Schnuffelschnuten and cuddles with them - if you would like to.

Ten anti-boredom tips for cats

4. Save the room tiger from boredom

Sometimes cats only seem to miss their humans and in truth they are bored when they are alone. Therefore, it is particularly advisable to place a four-legged companion at the side of house cats. However, the choice of a cat or dog friend should not be made indiscriminately and the two animals should not get to know each other between the door and the hinge. You can find tips for this in our guides "Getting two cats used to each other: Tips for keeping them" and "Communication: Bringing cats and dogs together".

Furthermore, the room tigers need a great scratching post, each with its own litter box, toys and climbing opportunities so that they can deal with it alone. Outdoor cats are happy about a cat flap, through which they can slip outside or back into the house as they please.

5. Fear of separation? When a cat psychologist can help

If your cat is prone to behavioral problems as soon as you leave her alone, professional help may be advised. First, go to the vet if you have the impression that your cats not only miss you a little, but also take the apartment apart or get messy as soon as you are out of the house. Even if your fur nose does not take your eyes off you for a second, follows you everywhere and is over-clinging, this can indicate health or psychological problems. That doesn't have to be the case, but it doesn't hurt to have the vet's behavior examined.

If the veterinarian was unable to find anything and the behavioral disorders still persist, it is best to contact a cat psychologist. There may be a fear of separation behind it, which should be slowly and carefully reduced.