Animal cruelty - the prosecution is disrespectful

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Hot topic. Despite the publicity of cases of cruelty towards animals, the perpetrators are either unpunished or punished less than symbolically. We are waiting for your comments!

Extensive material was published today in Rzeczpospolita. We only cite excerpts:

Prosecutors disregard cases of tormenting creatures, according to a report for the minister of justice. The Republic of Poland reached him.

The Institute of Justice examined 199 randomly selected animal abuse cases, which were conducted in 2010 by prosecutor's offices and courts. The conclusions are shocking: investigators quickly dismiss cases, and when they cannot find the guilty, they find that there was no crime.

The police and the prosecutor's office are unable to prosecute the perpetrators, the report shows. As many as 132 cases (66% of those examined) ended in refusal to initiate or discontinued.

"The practice of law enforcement is fundamentally flawed" - judge the authors of the document. And they indicate a list of errors: investigators do not consult experts because it costs money. They do not collect evidence because they do not want to, and they discourage the aggrieved from making reports.

"Procedural decisions are issued prematurely, without a thorough analysis of the evidence" - experts note.

The exceptions include prosecutors such as Mr. Waldemar Chrząszcz, nominated in the Heart for Animals plebiscite.

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