Labrador training: Ensure workload with dog sports

The Labrador is a popular family dog ​​due to its mostly good-natured character and its high stimulus threshold. Nevertheless, Labrador Retrievers were originally bred as hunting dogs, so that they still need to be employed today. So that your four-legged friend does not get bored, you will find a few tips on suitable dog sports and training for this special dog breed. Dummy training and retrieving are great fun for this Labrador! - Shutterstock / Daz Stock

When you started breeding the Labrador as a breed of dog, it was mainly used for hunting. His job as a hunting dog is to track down and retrieve killed game such as wild ducks. Nowadays, Labradors are mostly kept as family dogs. The four-legged friends also like this, but they still need training and dog sport to work out, which is based on their original task.

The Labrador as a hunting dog: training with a dummy is ideal

The so-called dummy training is particularly fun for the Labrador. A dummy, in English "dummy", is a small bag filled with plastic balls, which is available in different sizes and weights. However, a 500 gram dummy roll is often used as a standard during training. At one end of the dummy there is a throwing tape that helps to throw the dummy away with a lot of momentum. Since labradors were mainly used for hunting wild ducks, most dummies simulate a shot wild duck and can even swim. This is great because Labrador Retrievers generally love water more than anything.

The job of the Labrador is to find and retrieve the dummy. At the beginning it is advisable to first play hide-and-seek and search games with the dummy and make the object interesting for the dog. Otherwise, it may happen that you throw the object away and your four-legged friend doesn't understand why he should run after it and retrieve it. If you don't have a dummy at hand, you can also practice with balls. The following video, for example, shows how the basics of dummy training look like:

Labrador Retriever: A great family dog

Use intelligence and "will to please" in dog sport

But not only training with a dummy is a great dog sport for your four-legged friend. He can also let off steam to his heart's content in agility training and mass sports. Labradors usually have a pronounced "will to please"; this term comes from English and can be translated as "will to please". This means that Labbis are usually out to make their favorite people happy and happy. This does not make training and education superfluous, but it makes them both a lot easier. As a characteristic, the "will to please" can be used in every dog ​​sport, but it benefits dog and owner especially in obedience training.

The intelligence of the Labrador can be promoted, for example, in tracking and nose work as well as through clicker training. You can also occasionally teach him a few new tricks or use intelligence toys. The clever animals are also suitable for training as companion or rescue dogs and therapy dogs.

How much employment does a Labrador need?

It is important when training and dog sports with the Labrador that you introduce it slowly, step by step, to new tasks and do not overwhelm it. Gradually increase the length of the training sessions, only introduce something new when he has already mastered a task and give him breaks in between. Then in principle nothing can go wrong.