Gizmo and Sprocket: Two kittens have a great day!

In this video, the two kittens Sprocket and Gizmo show how they can make their day exciting and fun. Whether climbing on a scratching post or maneuvering on the carpet: these soft cuddly toys know how to have a great time.

"Hahaaa, I'll have you in a moment! Oops!" Thinks a kitty as she tries to climb onto a scratching post with her animal buddy. But this is not that easy. The couch also offers topping potential and so the cute creatures bounce around on the soft cushions. And what would a day be without wrangling on the carpet? The little rascals poke their paws and roll around on the floor. After so many exciting hours, the young cats have to rest, cuddle and sleep together, snuggled together on the sofa. Such cute rascals!

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