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These 3 things break your dog's heart

Do you love your dog and let him feel it? Maybe not always. In fact, there are some things that many dog ​​owners do that involuntarily break the heart of their four-legged friend. Read here what they are. "What does my person want from me?" Asks this unsettled dog - Shutterstock / Ksenia Raykova

Dogs cannot understand some behavior that is very clear to humans. This can cause you to wrong your dog without intending to or noticing it. So that you do not accidentally confuse or offend your dog, you should avoid the following things if possible.

1. "Come here!"

"Come on" - every dog ​​knows this exclamation. And most follow immediately because they know that they are doing their owner a favor and they are happy about it. They often even get a reward for this - in the form of pats or treats. It should be that way.

But sometimes pet owners also call their dog to do unpleasant things - such as bathing him. Your animal friend then does not know why, when he has followed him so faithfully, he will be punished - and that breaks his heart. So: Never use the loyal behavior of your four-legged friend for unpleasant things!

2. Allow people to jump on to greet you

Of course, it is sweet when your dog is almost freaking out with joy when you come home and he jumps up at you like wild. However, this behavior can break an animal's heart if they are finally rejected. Because not everyone is happy about such a greeting, but may consider it bad manners. If a dog is fearfully rejected by other people when he jumps on them with joy, he no longer understands the world - and that hurts!

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3. Press the dog's nose into the heap

The best way to house-train the dog is to reward him for his outdoor business. Show him that you are happy and he will remember what he got this attention for and show the behavior you want.

In return, punishing unwanted behavior usually doesn't work. Scold your dog when he's done in the house, or even stick his nose in the heap or the puddle he left behind, just teach him to be afraid of you - and that'll break his heart. In the worst case, this can lead to behavioral problems, such as a lack of room cleanliness.