Dogs need rest: find inner balance

When dogs just don't come to rest, their inner balance is out of balance. However, you can help your pet relax and relax. This fluffy spitz is enjoying his rest - Shutterstock / Sutichak

Sometimes dog owners mean too well with their four-legged friends. Instead of regularly giving him moments of rest, they think they should constantly keep their pets entertained and save them from boredom. But dogs can not only be underwhelmed, but also overwhelmed. The result is always that they lose their inner balance.

Education tips for restless dogs

So that your dog can find rest and relax, you should avoid stress in everyday life and in dog training. It is important that you are patient with your pet yourself, because dogs are very intelligent, but they need a little until they have learned and internalized a command and desired behavior. Avoid penalties when training dogs and be consistent. Otherwise, your dog's trust in you will be severely damaged, making him slightly nervous in your presence.

When training with your four-legged friend, the dog should have fun and be adequately challenged, but don't overdo it. Plan enough breaks in between so that he comes to rest. Depending on temperament and personality, the need for rest varies from dog to dog. The best way to find out how much activity dogs need to find inner balance is to try it out in small steps. Start with small, light workouts and gradually increase them. However, even active dogs do not always have to go full throttle during training. Go for relaxing walks with your darling from time to time, enjoy nature and let your dog sniff the ground in detail.

Wellness for the dog: Your four-legged friend stays relaxed

Not only people, but also pets are often stressed. In the following we give interesting and ...

Living calm and inner balance

Dogs sense moods and perceive them very precisely when they themselves are nervous and stressed. It is therefore best to set a good example and give your dog inner balance and calm. Maybe it will help you to go to yoga with your four-legged friend? If you want to train with your dog or devote yourself to grooming, it is important that you radiate calm yourself and feel like working with your pet. If not, postpone your project and come to rest yourself.

Nervous dog: is he sick?

Caution! If your dog is normally at rest, sudden nervousness and other behavior changes can be symptoms of illness. He may have thyroid problems, sense organs not working properly, or pain. If in doubt, you should go to the vet as a precaution and have the causes clarified.