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What influence you have on the character of the dog

Dog and owner become more and more similar over time, it is often said. This also affects the dog character and human character, which can gradually adapt to each other. But how big is your influence on the dog personality for real The behavior of the dog owner affects the personality of the dog - Shutterstock / Rohappy


The dog character is influenced by various factors. For example, his genetic disposition favors certain personality traits, which, however, can be weakened or strengthened by the environment and upbringing. Therefore, typical character traits can usually be anticipated in the different dog breeds.

Dog character: The foundation stone is laid in the first phase of life

The first weeks of life are particularly important for baby dogs so that they develop a stable personality. If they are separated from their mother and siblings too early or grow up in a low-stimulus environment, behavioral disorders are likely to develop later.

Influence of your mood on dog behavior

Your influence on the character of the dog begins with the upbringing and the environment. The four-legged friends have very fine antennas and feel the smallest changes in their mood. Your dog perceives it very precisely if, for example, you are tense, restless, mentally absent or angry.

Perhaps your loyal friend does not know what is wrong, but he notices that something is wrong and then reacts with restlessness, difficulty concentrating, tension or aggression. Dogs have a kind of sixth sense for this.

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Do dog owners shape dog character?

However, the influence of your mood is only short-term and therefore only shapes the current behavior of your dog. The dog character is not changed by occasional mood swings on your part. Certain, regular behaviors or your dog training can actually have an impact on the dog's character. For example, if you are afraid of men yourself, you react subconsciously when you meet a man while walking. The dog senses the change and gradually takes over your fears, so that it in turn reacts restlessly or aggressively as soon as it sees a man. This can even lead to an anxiety disorder in the dog.

Your dog training can also influence whether your dog becomes a social, affectionate and friendly personality, or a confident, stubborn character. The affectionate, friendly type often reacts confidently or cautiously when encountering strangers or potential dangers. The self-confident guy would tend to defend himself. However, it is also possible that you unconsciously choose a dog or puppy that is similar in character to you. In this case, you strengthen certain character traits through your behavior, but the dog has already brought the necessary equipment.