Vegetables of horror: cats are frightened of cucumbers

Oh my godness! The cats in this video enjoy their day, unaware of any evil, when suddenly a cucumber is lying on the floor behind them - and it causes some fur carriers to really freak out.

Actually, the velvet paws only want to eat in peace and then play or lie down for a nap somewhere. But a vegetable provides an adrenaline rush: while the cats relax and enjoy their feast, their owners have placed a cucumber behind them.

When they turn to start running after eating, the blow almost hits them. "Au weia, what's that? Just go!", The cats seem to think in this compilation, and jump up or run in surprise. But as funny as it looks when cats are scared, it's not strange for the animals. The fright is very stressful for them, and it takes them a while to recover. Therefore, it is better not to try the cucumber fright at home with your cat.

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