Take the dog to the restaurant: what should you watch out for?

A visit to the restaurant is very exciting for your dog. Proper preparation is important so that it still behaves when you take it with you. This also includes the appropriate educational tips. This dog knows how to behave in the restaurant - Shutterstock / bikeriderlondon

If your dog is not prepared for a visit to the restaurant, this means pure stress for him. The many unknown people, strange smells everywhere and the hustle and bustle can overwhelm your four-legged friend. So start small and get your wuff used to the situation in a restaurant step by step.

Important educational tips before visiting the restaurant for the first time

To ensure that everything goes smoothly later in the restaurant, teach your darling the "Place" command and the "No" command beforehand. This way, your dog can lie down peacefully under the table in the restaurant and you can react in good time if he becomes restless. Your dog is begging at the table? Try to teach him this habit before you go out to eat with him. Otherwise your four-legged friend bothers you and, in the worst case, other guests in the restaurant.

In addition, it is important that your darling is socially acceptable and is not easily disturbed. A dog school, a dog trainer or an animal psychologist can help you if you have a nervous or unpredictable four-legged friend at home. If he gets along with the right training with strangers, loud noises and other dogs, there is nothing to be said against going to a restaurant together.

Consequences in dog training: tips

Good dog training is important for the dog and owner. Even if the wages are always worth it ...

Practice visiting the restaurant slowly

Be sure to call the restaurant or cafe of your choice beforehand and ask if you can take your dog with you. If so, it is advisable to keep the visit short at the beginning. Just drink a cup of coffee and eat a piece of cake, then your darling won't have to wait long for you to finish. If that works well, the period can be gradually extended.

Take your dog relaxed to the restaurant

Run a nice big round with your woof before taking it to the restaurant. If he was able to relieve himself and work out properly, he is completely relaxed in the pub and is happy to take a nap or doze in peace. Reserve a table in a quiet corner so your animal friend doesn't have to be in the way. If people constantly walk past him, climb over him or even accidentally kick his paw or tail, visiting the restaurant is not a pleasure for him.