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Running four-legged: what to do with the foundling dog

Unfortunately, you cannot simply keep a foundling dog that has come to you. After all, his family may already miss the dog painfully. However, you can help the four-legged friend get back home. Such a sugar-sweet foundling dog! Can I keep it? - Shutterstock / Lapina

If a foundling dog comes running towards you or seems to be perplexed in a corner, look around first. His family may not be far and is already looking for him. If after half an hour no one is looking for the dog, you can take the following steps.

Inform the police or the regulatory office

First call the regulatory office. If a dog runs to you at night, let the police know. If you don't, you can be punished for not reporting the find. If the foundling dog is obviously injured, it is best to ask someone else to report the find and bring the dog to the vet yourself. In this way you do not have to pay for the treatment, but can have it reimbursed by the regulatory office. After the treatment, the vet can also search the foundling dog for a microchip for registration and in this way determine the owner of the found animal.

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Dog ran to? Search for marks

If the foundling appears largely healthy, check whether it has any markings. For example, a tattoo in the ear or on the inside of the thigh can provide information about its origin. Maybe the dog is wearing a collar badge with a number. You can then call TASSO e.V., for example, where many pets are registered. The employees in the emergency call center can help you to identify the holder using the markings. With a little luck, the dog and family will soon be reunited.

With the foundling dog to the shelter?

If there are no external markings and the dog looks relatively healthy, it is best to bring the foundling to the shelter. There he is examined, cared for and the employees, like the veterinarian, can look for a registration chip. Most of the time, the shelter is also the first point of contact for people who miss their pets. In other words, the chances are good that the foundling will find its way back home.

If you would like to adopt the dog that you have walked to, you can have your four-legged friend noted down at the animal shelter. If it turns out later that no one really misses the poor guy, the shelter can give you preference when arranging. At the same time, you can hang up posters with your contact details, a photo and a description of the foundling dog in the area in which you found the four-legged friend.