Curious cat: "What's in this box?"

Every animal lover should be aware that cats are sometimes completely unrolled when they see boxes. However, the cheeky velvet paw in this video is hardly interested in the cardboard box, but in what is hidden in it. Did the owners of this kitty hide treats in it?

"Somehow I have to get to the bottom of the box! Damn it!" Thinks this fluffy cat as she approaches a box. Apparently the animal detective discovered something special through the narrow opening in the box and is now trying to catch it with his paws. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as initially thought. The fleece ball sticks its front paws deep into the box several times, but the toy keeps slipping away. But then the clever animal mobilizes all its strength and clumsy, and a bright red lollipop falls out of the box. Class!

Cats and boxes: what fits, fits!