Top 15 Best Beds for Small Dogs

Sweet dreams are made of this, who are we to disagree? Take a look at our selection of 15 best beds for small dogs. Pint-sized doggos need a lot of comfort!

While small breed dogs are generally thought of as lap dogs, it doesn’t mean that your lap is an ideal resting place for them. Petite dogs need beds of their own, made to support their small frame and offer perfect comfort and coziness. The right bed should offer good quality of sleep, keep them warm and toasty, and be a safe place for your pet. Check out 15 best beds for small dogs that meet those standards- and look fabulous to boot.

1.Keet Fluffly Deluxe Dog Bed Sofa

You know what they say- go big or go home. This small dog bed might not be imposing in size, but its luxurious appearance certainly fits the bill. The strong wood frame that’s upholstered with leatherette fabric is fitted with a memory foam cushion covered with warm, plush fabric. Your pet can lounge in comfort and style- what more can any pooch ask for?

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2. Best Friends by Sheri! Shag Donut Cuddler

The round shape of this adorable Donut Cuddler bed allows your pint-sized pooch to comfortably curl up, or take a nap while using the raised rim as a sort of pillow- it offers head and neck support. This faux shag fur bed has a waterproof bottom, it’s machine washable and dryer friendly- so you’ll love it as much as your dog.

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3.Paw Heart Mini Dog Bed Set

Be still, my heart! This is an adorable miniature bed for dogs, complete with their own pillow and a blankie. I mean, can it get cuter than that? I think not. But this dog bed set is not only nice to look at- the soft, comfortable cushion will have your pooch snoozing for hours. The plush bed frame, cushion, pillows, and the blanket are all machine washable so if an “accident” happens, you can easily clean it.

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4. Best Pet Supplies Cave / Tent Bed for Pets

The ancestors of our pampered pets were once den animals. Those basic instincts still remain, and for many dogs, it’s the cave-like beds that offer the most comfort and create a feeling of safety. This beautifully designed tent comes in faux suede, linen or corduroy and it’s filled with soft poly-foam lining.

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5. PACK&DEN Little Pup Tawny Fox Faux Fur Memory Foam Bed

For senior dogs or pets that have issues with their joints and bones, an orthopedic memory foam bed is the best choice. This lush faux fur bed has a stabilizing foam layer on the bottom and a memory foam layer on top, making it perfectly comfy and supporting for pets in their golden years. Not to mention it looks absolutely stunning!

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6. SENYEPETS Soft Indoor Dog House Bed

Why not treat your pooch to a miniature house of their own? In addition to interesting design, this cartoonish home replica also offers comfort to small dogs. Your furry homeowner will love having a cave-like enclosure to retreat to for sleep! The house-shaped bed is easy to assemble, clean and has an anti-skid base that will keep it in place.

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7. Precision Pet SnooZZy Mod Chic

This round bolster bed is plush, cozy and most importantly- offers support for your pet’s neck and joints. The soft polyester fill makes for an enjoyable nap session, especially with the luxurious faux shearling fabric that covers the cushion. It’s machine and dryer safe, too!

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8. PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Dog Bed

The solid, 2.5 inch thick memory foam inside this orthopedic bed provides superior support and comfort for joints. If you have a senior dog or a pet with mobility issues, reducing their pain and discomfort is one of the most important things to do- and this water-resistant, orthopedic bolster bed can help with that.

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9. The Frisco Ortho Sherpa Cuddler & Cushion

The stylish design of this dog bed proves that affordable pet products can look modern, elegant, and expensive. The base of the bed and bolsters are covered with gray chenille jacquard, and the soft polyfill double-sided cushion has soft cloud Sherpa on one side and a geometric twill print on the other.

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10. AmazonBasics Octagon Pet Bed

If your pooch thinks that regular round beds for dogs are so passé, why not go for octagon? The raised sides, or the eight super fluffy pillows around the round cushion in the center, offer support and unparalleled comfort to your favorite furry napper. The cushion is soft, comfy and machine washable. Pawesome!

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11. PLS Birdsong The Original Cuddle Pouch Pet Bed

Is your pooch a burrower? Many small dogs are, thanks to their rich history as hunters. In that case, they’ll find the cuddle pouch a dream come true. The den-like design will make your doggo feel like one happy and cozy burrito, and will eliminate their need to sneak in under your bed covers at 5 AM.

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12. Aspen Pet Sofa Bed

The ultimate trick: to get your pet off of your furniture, simply buy them some of their own. This adorable miniature-sized sofa for small pets is filled with 100% recycled fiber, while the covers combine stylish Sherpa fleece with suede bolster and gusset for style and comfort both.

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13. Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed

A safe little cuddly nook for your pet’s siestas, this cave bed combines recycled fill with deep interior plush and ribbed faux suede finish for coziness and comfort. The special process of filling makes sure that it doesn’t shift around in the bed, but rather stays under the pet for the whole time.

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14. AKC 3-PC Paw Round Pet Bed Gift Set w/Pillow & Throw

If it’s vetted by American Kennel Club, who are we to argue? With this pet bed, you get 3 for the price of one. The plush comfy bed, bone-shaped pillow and a throw all ensure your miniature pupper feels like they’re on cloud 9!

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15. FurHaven Sofa-Style Memory Foam Top Pet Bed

The three-bolster design makes sure your pint-sized pooch can sleep in a variety of odd and less odd positions. Whichever the crazy sleeping position, they’ll have the support they need! The sofa-style bed is made from CertiPUR-US certified memory foam with fluffy fill bolsters for orthopedic support.

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Angela Vuckovic

A proud mama to seven dogs and ten cats, Angela spends her days writing for her fellow pet parents and pampering her furballs, all of whom are rescues. When she’s not gushing over her adorable cats or playing with her dogs, she can be found curled up with a good fantasy book.

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