Building enclosures for cats: tips and tricks

You don't have to hire a handyman to build an enclosure for your cat. With the right know-how, you can also allow your four-legged friend to run safely in the garden. Your kitty has the opportunity to play hide and seek in an outdoor enclosure - Image: Shutterstock / Vahan Abrahamyan

Secure clearance for your cat is a good alternative to the classic freedom of movement. For this your kitty needs an enclosure that you can set up in the garden. If the right fences prevent the cat from walking on the street or otherwise at risk, you can let your four-legged friend breathe fresh air without worry. With a few tips and tricks, working is even easier.

Enclosures in the garden: How to ensure security

Cats are inventive and can squeeze through the smallest crack. Thorough security is therefore mandatory for the enclosure. For example, make sure that there is no way for the cat to dig under the fence of the enclosure. It is best to lower the fences into the ground or block the lower area with heavy ornamental stones that the cat cannot move on its own. There are two ways to prevent your cat from escaping up the fence. Either cover the entire enclosure with a net or choose fences with the upper part angled inwards.

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Tips for the interior

If the enclosure does not encompass the entire garden and your cat likes to watch what her human family members are doing outside, you can build her a small observation bench, for example. Or you simply take old garden furniture - then you have a practical seat yourself when you visit your darling in the enclosure. Ideally, the enclosure is connected to the house by a cat flap so that your pets can go in and out at will.

To keep them cozy outdoors, you can insulate and pad a basket or box with a little sleeping pad. This way your cat can take a nap even at low temperatures. If a tree is part of your enclosure, you can hang climbing elements on it. Otherwise, of course, the mandatory scratching post should not be missing.

Alternative for the city: balcony as a cat enclosure

If you live in the big city, but still want to offer your room tiger a run outside your own four walls, you can also simply transform the balcony into a cat enclosure. If you want to make your balcony safe from cats, you need a special cat net, the mesh of which should not be larger than five centimeters - otherwise the cat can squeeze through the gaps.

In order to make the balcony into an enclosure, you need the consent of your landlord - especially if the installation of the network means an intervention in the building structure.