4 ways to make your cat love his scratching post

Your purr avoids the scratching post like fire? Check how to change it and ... save the furniture.

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Scratching is an instinctive need for every cat. Contrary to what was used to say in society, it is not about sharpening claws, or at least not in the sense you might think. What is certain is that you cannot unlearn it - there is no point in trying; it would be against his nature. In return, it is worth buying him a scratching post and convincing him to give vent to his needs with its help. But how to do it? How to encourage a cat to use a scratching post?

Some people find it very difficult, others say it is impossible. "Because in the end, the couch turns out to be the best scratching post anyway." Agreed, but only if we run out of patience! Thanks to consistent action and a few simple tricks, we can make the cat like its scratching post and will be happy to use it.

How to encourage a cat to use a scratching post?

Below you will find a few simple rules and methods that will significantly increase the chances of success in the action "scratching post" akcji

1. Let the cat choose for himself

Scratching post uneven - in pet stores there are many models, not all of which may appeal to our cat. How to guess his preferences? The key - as always - is observation. If the purr is eagerly tearing the wallpaper and abusing the sides of the sofa, let's buy him a classic "post" or other scratching post for vertical scratching. If your cat enjoys a rug bullying, it will probably like a scratching post with a horizontal surface, such as corrugated cardboard. We should also remember that the scratcher does not have to come from the store - for example, an old doormat or a box lid can work in its role. And preferably both - it is good to let the cat "test" different textures, thanks to which we will find out what suits our purr the most.

2. Place matters

The scratching post should be placed in the part of the house where the cat most often lives. Most often, it will be the place where you spend the most time yourself - it's no secret that purrs like to have their guardians nearby. So instead of "hiding" the scratching post in the darkest corner of the bedroom or hall, place it in the living room - thereby increasing the probability that your cat will use it.

3. A little bit of motivation won't hurt

How to encourage a cat to use a scratching post? Show him that scratching in the designated place is combined with pleasure in the form of… a reward. When you notice that the cat is using the scratching post of its own accord, praise it and give it a small treat. In this way, you will strengthen positive behavior. If your cat reacts to catnip, you can sprinkle it on a scratching post - the cat will be more interested in it.

What if you catch your cat destroying furniture? Instead of getting nervous, calmly lead the "criminal" to the scratching post and give him a treat. Cats are very intelligent and quickly pick up such a connection - when the purr once associates that scratching post = reward, he will choose it instead of the couch.

4. Fight boredom

A cat that spends a lot of time alone and lacks occupation, sooner or later will have to discharge the accumulated energy. The result is often scratched walls and furniture. If you regularly play with the purr and thus chase away boredom, your pet will have less need to "take it easy" at the expense of home furnishings. It is also easier to satisfy the natural need to scratch with… a scratching post.

Do your cats like to use scratching posts? Let me know in the comments!

Video: Selecting a Scratching Post for Your Cat (June 2021).