Baby is on the go: prepare the dog for it

Pregnancy is an exciting time, the anticipation for the baby is great. So that your dog does not feel unsettled by this change in your and his life, you should prepare him early for the new earthling. With the right preparation, dog and baby can become great friends - Shutterstock / jill_erin

Your dog will meet you at the latest when your baby is in crawling age and goes on a discovery tour through the apartment. The little worm does not yet know what this fluffy creature is and can accidentally annoy the four-legged friend or frighten him. Your dog may then react in a way that can be dangerous to the baby. However, if you prepare your four-legged friend well, such dangerous situations can be avoided.

Plan "forbidden" zones for the dog

Once the baby is there, your dog is no longer allowed to go anywhere. The children's room, but also the parents' bedroom, should be declared "forbidden" zones so that there are no clashes between baby and animal. Start with it as early as possible so that it is normal for your dog to only be in certain areas in the house. Do not forbid him until the baby has already moved into his nursery, he does not understand that. He links this uncertainty with the new earthly citizen and this complicates a later friendship between humans and dogs.

Go back to the children's room or bedroom and practice everyday activities such as changing diapers in it. Concentrate on these activities so that your animal companion gets used to the fact that you are regularly employed in the "forbidden" zones and cannot take care of them at the moment. He then patiently waits for you to finish.

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Prepare the dog for smells and noises

The strange smells and noises of the baby can strongly unsettle dogs because they have a much finer sense of smell and a more sensitive hearing than humans. With the help of a CD with baby noises, you can prepare your four-legged friend for the unusual sounds. Set up the changing area and baby clothes as early as possible so that your pet is familiar with the smell of baby powder, wet wipes and skin creams when the baby comes.

The baby is here! Just the calm

When the mom comes home from the hospital with the baby, you should try to stay relaxed. Behave normally and calmly so that your dog notices that everything is OK. The father or grandparents can come in with the new family member so that the new mother can greet their animal friend.

Do not hold the baby right in front of your four-legged friend, but take care of the newborn as a matter of course. Your dog will then quickly accept it as part of his family.