The cat doesn't purr: what to do?

Is your cat not purring? So don't worry about it. Don't think that your velvet paw doesn't like you - depending on the kitty, the reasons why it doesn't purr can vary widely. Find out more here.

If a cat does not purr, it may be due to the fact that it does not feel comfortable or - if the velvet paw is new to you - there has been no peculiar situation so far. However, if your kitty expresses her love in a different way - for example, by stroking your legs or poking your head - you can rule out this reason. Clearly your cat has a lot for you. In this case, other causes can be responsible for your fur nose not purring.

Cat doesn't purr because it can't

The fact that a velvet paw doesn't purr can simply be due to the fact that it cannot physically. This may be due to a malformation of the vocal cords. You can have this checked with your veterinarian. Don't worry - it usually doesn't matter if a tiger can't purr. It definitely has nothing to do with not being liked as the owner.

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Some learn it late

Another possibility that is not necessarily related to you: it takes your cat a long time to learn to purr, for example because it takes her to express trust in this way. This phenomenon can often be observed in found animals or conspecifics from the animal shelter who have had bad experiences in their previous lives. A fur nose that was never or not often in a situation in which purring could be used as an expression of positive feelings has to learn this expression of trust to a certain extent. Only patience is required here. It can take years for the first vibration to be felt in the neck area.