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Why do cats love strange sleeping places?

There are reasons for cats to choose their places to sleep high up on the bookshelf, wrapped deep in the back corner of the closet or in the sink. It may seem strange to people which sleeping place their kitty considers comfortable. But fur noses love to snuggle up at wind-protected viewpoints and are very imaginative. Sleeping places for cats are not always cozy at first glance - Shutterstock / Vincenzo Iacovoni

Cats like to watch without being observed themselves and generally prefer to be left alone. They prefer to choose their sleeping places based on these criteria. In winter they prefer to be warm and plump, in summer they appreciate a cool place to sleep.

How cats choose their sleeping places

Velvet paws are extremely creative when it comes to choosing the optimal place to sleep. Finally, it has to meet a number of cat-typical requirements. The top priority here is temperature regulation and a feeling of security and security. Depending on the cat personality, there is also a pronounced curiosity and the fun of observing, the need to hide or to attract attention.

In winter, the fur noses can be found on warm water pipes, close to the heating, on a running laptop or in the laundry basket, where they snuggle up on the freshly washed and dried laundry. In summer, on the other hand, a bathtub, sink and a floor made of cool tiles are popular sleeping places.

Find the cat! Strange places for a nap

Sometimes it is not so easy to find cats when they are enthroned at the top of the bookshelf in their observation post. Other kitties love squeezing themselves into tiny boxes or bowls because it's so nice and warm there. Warmth is also the reason why the velvet paws prefer to sit comfortably next to their favorite person when he tries to sleep himself. House tigers looking for attention like to spread out on computer keyboards, newspapers or books that mistresses or gentlemen try to read.

Warning, dangerous place to sleep! Washing machine etc.

It can also happen that cats hide in dangerous places to doze around. In summer the kitty sometimes curls up in the washing machine drum, in winter she may sleep in the dryer. Therefore, as a precaution, check carefully before filling the drum with laundry and starting the devices.

Particularly sophisticated hiding places behind open drawers or behind cupboards and bed frames can also be risky. Occasionally, room tigers even crawl behind household appliances. If the velvet paw is difficult to find, look very carefully everywhere and do not close drawers with force and suddenly.