So lovely! Cheetah baby and dog are best friends

Lucky for little Siri: The cheetah baby from the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Sidney was rejected by his mom. But the carers popped up the fleece ball in the dotted dress and gave her a lovely playmate to the side: a dog. In the video, the young retriever-mastiff hybrid helps Siri develop her natural instincts and practice social skills. Too cute how the two completely different animal children play together.

First you can see the tiny cheetah girl Siri with her keeper, who feeds the mini big cat. The small fleece ball with the fur collar tastes good. Then it's time to play with their dog buddy: Siri and the mixed-breed puppy amicably curl up around a toy. In the process, the wild owl gets one or two swipes from the wild kitty. Humming gently, he directs the predatory cat, who answers it with a whistle and a chirp like a little bird. Little Siri has to practice the roaring! Her dear friend cannot help with that.

Magical, curious and cute: cheetah babies