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Hana and tomcat Maru: "This is how we hunt!"

When playing, hangover Maru and cat Hana are always very creative and like to get angry, as can be seen in this video. Whether upside down on a turret or recklessly on a scratching post: the two velvet paws know how to turn a boring day into an adventure.

Cat Maru and his animal roommate don't like boredom in their lives and so the two room tigers often prick each other. "Why are you lying on the hammock! Come on, let's romp!", Tomcat Maru tries to tell his playmate when she relaxes in her airy bed. He cheekily nudges her from behind and starts a little fight with her.

But cat Maru also plays the ghost from time to time and cleverly hides behind a curtain to surprise cat Hana. The two kitties like to jump from one floor to the next on a scratching post and fight with their paws. Hangover Maru is not a stunt too dangerous to capture Hana. As in "Mission Impossible", he disappears upside down in a play tower. Hana is more of a thinker in this sweet pair of two and slowly creeps up to her "opponent" in order to surprise him in his box or other hiding places. Two cats that keep you entertained and laughing! Bravo!

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