Devilish puppy: shut up, cat away!

The puppy in this video shouldn't mess with a cat. Because from time to time it can happen that the cute dog shows its devilish side and locks the kitty "inadvertently" in a box.

At first the cute dog puppy looks completely innocent and clumsy. Turned up and happy, he romps through his home with his fellow animal and excitedly wags his tail. "It's nice here. I'm so happy! Oh, what is the cat doing there?", The young dog wonders suddenly. The velvet paw carefully inspects a transport box for pets and feels the inside of the box with the front paws. Only her hind paws and her tail still look out of the box.

The young dog is also interested in the object, or in that the cat disappears completely in the box. Gaaaanz inconspicuously, it runs behind the door, jumps up and ... zack, the kitty vanished with verve in the transport box. To ensure that the red room tiger does not budge, the four-legged friend taps the door with its tiny paws so that it falls into the lock. The owners of the cheeky racer have to laugh heartily, but of course immediately free their perplexed cat from their tricky situation. Such a sneaky devil guy, this puppy!

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