Cute Spitz screwed up "dead" trick

Many dog ​​owners teach their clever four-legged friends numerous tricks - for example, to stand dead. With the cute spitz in this video, it's not that easy, because the cheeky badger would rather romp around than lie down lifeless on the floor.

"Bang!" Calls the owner of the black lace in this short film. Tada, the cute four-legged friend is lying on its side. But somehow the little guy didn't understand what his mum was trying to do - and sat up straight again. "Do I get a treat now? I did everything right", one says to hear the dog say, who proudly panting at the camera like Bolle.

"I thought you were dead. Bang!" One hears the owner shouting in English, and again the cute fleece ball obeys the word and lies down. But this game does not seem to please the puppy very much and so he sits up again after a few seconds and bounces towards his mistress. Even on the third try, the little guy doesn't remain in his "mortal rigidity" for very long. Instead, he prefers to smile at the camera. Simply cute, this four-legged friend!